In today’s world Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the order of the day and with a high level of competitors, you need a website to excel in your businesses, medical organizations not excluded. Website is an important tool for any brand. It creates awareness, puts you in the spotlight, minimizes congestion, informs, and legitimizes your business.

The following 7 points are reasons why your hospital should have a website;


A hospital website acts as a medium to reach out to the general public on recent updates about services, treatments and technologies, upcoming events and community involvement.

Global Recognition

Your hospital website is accessible from anywhere in the world provided there is internet connectivity thereby giving your hospital an edge over other hospitals in your location and attracts great number of patients to your hospital. It also allows you to market your services to your patience/prospective patients.

Minimizing Congestion

Due to online bookings or appointment through the form provided on the website, a patient is able to book an appointment thereby reducing congestion and also enables the doctor to plan the number of patients to attend.


Through blogs on your website you can constantly educate your patients and prospective patients on disease outbreak, health tips to stay fit etc. It is much easier and quicker to update information about your services on your website than it is in a print brochure/catalogue. It is an effective way of introducing your patients to new services, letting them know about a new product, announcing upcoming appointment and doctors/consultant to meet. It also enables you to send videos on the needed therapy your patients should undergo to stay fit.


By having a website you are giving your hospital/ clinic the opportunity to tell your patients/ prospective patients why they should trust your hospital/clinic.

Patient’s Satisfaction

Through the feedback form on the website, you can constantly interact with your patients and find out their opinions about the level of provided medical services. The information obtained will help you in serving the patient(s) better.


Increasing visibility is one major factor that makes having a hospital website important even if people have heard about your hospital; they may want to carry out research online first before leaving the house. It also makes locating the hospital easy for patients due to the map navigation on your website.

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