E-learning is basically learning that is done on the internet with the use of your computer, mobile phones etc.  In  our  contemporary  world,  the learning through  the  aid  of  a computer  simply  means  online  knowledge  acquisition through the internet or offline through CD-ROM  etc.  In  other  words,  it  is  the  use  of  network  technologies  to create, foster, deliver, and facilitate learning, anytime and anywhere. E-Learning is learning by utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. E-learning has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn.

E-learning is interactive in that you can also communicate with your teachers or other students in your class. Sometimes it is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture/lesson that has been prerecorded. There is always a teacher interacting /communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests.

E-Learning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of life for some schools in Nigeria who has embrace technology. E-learning  has  become  a  new  pattern  and  a  new  philosophy  in  library  services  as well as  educational sector with a  mission to serve  as a  development platform for present-day society based  on  knowledge. The 7 benefits of E-learning system for secondary schools in Nigeria;

User Friendly in External Exams: currently most external exams are conducted online, e-learning boost the performance of secondary school students in public examinations especially the Senior School Certificate Examinations, SSCE, NECO and UTME.

Easy Assimilation: students easily understand most of the things they view online because it is been studied in a conductive atmosphere where there is no classroom noise most  especially on the  subjects they found very difficult to assimilate like mathematics etc. e-learning help in retaining information for a longer time.

It Save Cost: Instead of buying all the textbook for all the subjects offered either in art or science category, the textbook can be downloaded and study at your own continents. It also reduces the stress of carrying too many exercise /text books around. It also enables students to compare different textbooks and know the one they find friendly to use/assimilate.

Improved Academic Performance: the impacts of e-learning in facilitating academic performance through improved learning process, motivation for academic studies, self-development outcome etc. It   also help  students  to  develop  potentials  for  rigorous academic studies  and  research  purposes  which  are  basically needed skills for successful academic pursuits thereby increasing the performance of the students in secondary schools preparing them for their external examinations.

Fun: E-learning has made education fun-like because u don’t need to seat and copy note that will be difficult to study during exams. In e-learning you jolt down the points that are useful in line with the topic u are studying that makes studying for examination easy and fun.

Highly Educative and informative: The e-learning system has the ability to deliver subject lessons on three platforms- mobile phones, social media(about 80% of Nigeria secondary school students are social media friendly) and e-learning.” It presents SSCE and UTME past questions and answers on each topic, highlights common errors students make in school and public examinations. The e-learning system also teaches students 21-century skills.

Enhance Quality of Education: It is pertinent to note that e-learning has greatly enhanced the quality and relevance of the curriculum. It makes subjects more relevant to both personal and group needs. The interactive nature of e-learning facilitates effective feedback.

Every school basically needs an e-learning platform for them to actively digitize their schools.

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