A customer (sometimes known as a client, buyer, or purchaser) is the recipient of a good, service, product or an idea – obtained from a seller, vendor, or supplier via a financial transaction or exchange for money or some other valuable consideration.

You won’t be able to connect effectively with your potential customers if you don’t have your customer in mind. It’s typically much more difficult to reach new customers than to get existing ones to buy more. But because of that, once you have a wide, established customer base, sales are going to be easier, more predictable, and easier to grow. Attracting customers is the primary goal of most businesses, because it is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.




Powerful Customer Services:


Been there at all time (24/7) give room for your customers/clients to express themselves. always there to give them the feedback that is satisfactory to them. Use all the necessary tools to satisfy your customers/client at every given time. Also educate users new ways to use your service or product and help solve problems as they come up. This can be achieve effectively by having a social media manager who is always there and who your customers are familiar with. Respond to every email, tweet, Facebook comment, and phone Call; Adjust Yourself As Necessary as possible to suite your customers/prospective ones. In summary, always answer calls, always care for your customers, and always fix problems as they come in — your customers will love you for it.


Online Presence:


Most business are done perfectly online through social media platforms. Most customers find it very easy to make purchase and ask their pending question right there at the comfort of their home without driving down to your business arena. So for you to target your customer/clients you must follow the modern digital marketing. When it comes to keeping customers, a little more effort on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc really go the distance.


Look out for your Competitors:


Looking out for competitors who are in the same business niche with you, studying what they do to satisfy their customers and improving on them to get your customers attention.


Discounts /Promo:


Set out a time/season in every year to offer exclusive deals and discounts for first-time users/ existing customers. This has a double advantage in that to ensure people can only be a ‘first time buyer’ once and also makes your existing customers to stay put no matter the offer presented to them by your co- competitors. Target new customers through your existing customer base. Motivate your existing
customers to bring their friends to your business by introducing ‘refer a friend’ schemes – discounts or special offers for the person who has convinced a friend to patronize your products and services.


Set a Standard:


To gain support, businesses first have to establish trust. A professional image will attract more customers because they see the company as professional and trustworthy. Once you have your standard listed, make a list of people who have a need that your standard fits in.Age, location, gender,status etc of your clients/customers should be spelt out so as to know your target customers/clients and deal with them in line with the standard you’ve set.


Make Quality Research:


This will enable you know what your co-competitors are doing to excel that you are not doing, know why it is working for them and is not working for you, the best advertisement process to take, know why customer rush your co-competitor products of the same services/ quality as yours. Also engage in public survey, ask your current customers for feedback to know your lapses and improve on them.


Public Awareness/education:


This can be achieved through advertisement either through Radio,TV, social media platform, bill board, public display etc educating the public on the need to buy your products/services, these will not only attract new customers but sustain the existing ones.


Publishing Articles:


Constantly educate your customers/prospective clients through your blog on the matters that concerns them/inline with your product and services, in so doing they will always have your products/services in mind at all time and keep your business flourishing. This is one of the easy ways to keep your customers/prospective customers communicating with your brand at ease. The goal is to create great content that will hopefully encourage your audience to share the content with their friends and family before eventually becoming customers.


Focus on a Particular Goods/ Services (Niche Market):


Targeting a specific market does not mean that you are excluding people who do not fit your criteria. Rather, target marketing allows you to be focused. This is a much more affordable, efficient, and effective way to reach potential clients and generate businesses. With a clearly defined target customer, it is much easier to determine where and how to market your company.

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