Why every business needs a Social media marketer on their Team

A social media marketer is an individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, sales,contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise  guiding the social media presence of a brand, products, individual or corporation.

Social media is one of those marketing channels where more investment almost always yields better results,so you need a marketer with the right mix of skills who understands what it takes to shoulder the communication of a brand on social media.

Ahead of your Competitors: A social media marketer will catapult you because his/her experience helps him/her identify your lapses, improve upon your success story and fill the holes in your social media channels.he/she actively stays in and know of the latest happenings in the world of social media and thus, is able to quickly identify the best outlets for your company and make smart decisions that will ultimately bring in more business which contribute to steady growth of the business.

Inflow of Customer/Client: Most people nowadays rely on the Internet to discover new businesses and products that they are interested in. This is where a social media marketer with a strong knowledge of marketing can come in handy. Online promotions, campaigns and advertisements are essential ingredients for building brand awareness and not only attracting new customers, but the targeted ones as well.

Promote Brand: When your company has a large and positive social media presence, you can be sure that clients view it as a leading business, resulting in increased brand patronage. A social media marketer ensure that your company’s identity stays consistent and in-tune with your brand strategy and marketing plan.

Research Purposes: Social media and all types of digital marketing require a consistent content. your company marketer make useful researches in line with the companies product and service,thereby educating the existing clients and prospective clients.This enable your client and followers to see your company on top and proud of associating with your company.A social media marketer  create specific content around your product and services and a strategic way of delivering the content.

Customer/Client relationship:Every business has its own unique representative that client/customers are familiar with,a social media marketer responds to comments, starts new conversations, answers questions and reaches out to potential/prospective clients-in so doing ,grow the social channels and create a community around your brand.

Quick Response: Most clients use social media platforms to contact brands for customer service questions and concerns. If response isn’t made in a timely manner then it is more than likely that the client will move on and get there question answered somewhere else. Therefore quick responses secures the companies reputations and gain more sales.

Update on latest Happening: social media is equipped with the latest information with latest happening on social media platforms- which enables the company make the necessary changes on their social media channels as early as possible so as not to be knock out of the game.

Accountability: Monthly/weekly reports on whats is happening around the companies social channels,the content your client comment most, numbers of likes and congestion coming back to the companies website etc. This enable the company to know their success/ lapses through clients/ followers comments  and improve on them.

Online Presence: consistency is the key to every successful business.the marketer interacts with your customers on a daily basis through comments and messages.Your clients,fans, followers and subscribers are more likely to engage with your brand when is actively online. A social media marketer will make sure that your business’s social outlets are filled with interesting and helpful content as well as techniques that promote social media engagement.

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