Reasons why your small Business needs a website

The engine room of every nation is the number of small business owners. SMEs are basically run by individuals. SMEs are independent firms, they employ 1 or more support staff to help drive their businesses. Tailors, Event planners, cleaning services, cosmologist, beauticians, carpenters, plumbers etc. All form bulk of the driving force of a nation’s economic. They at least employ bulk of the majority of the work force. 

Every SME that wants to stay relevant sure needs a website and social media presence to reach out to customers even those not within his geographical location. A 30seconds video, a picture of your products, a satisfied customer’s comment, a support system on your website or social media platforms could win you more clients than what you already have. 

What you will achieve with a website: 

You will Keep your customers Informed: if you have a website and it is integrated to your business social media platforms, you can always let your customers know about promos, Sales, new products and services. A makeup artist can do promos or sales of new makeup products, a furniture marker can post new furniture he just made, a tailor can post new dresses/style. 

Your website is on 24 hours a day / 7 days a weeka website doesn’t have time to sleep, time to rest like humans. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any place. For example as a tailor that have a website with her past jobs on it, prospective clients can look in, to check your works and even book an appointment without calling your phone. 

Increase your customers base:  the sole aim of venturing into business is to maximize profit.  There is no business that cannot be sold online. Having a website increases sales globally.  

You spend less on advertising : With a website, you can do your advert without spending more on like radio and television. Using an event planner for example, with frequents update on the website, your advertising without any stress, saving more cost. 

Easy design update: since SMEs are small businesses updating the website, is easy. You have little pages and no much posts. Your posts will only reflects your new products. 

Every business needs a website to grow and expand, go digital because that’s where the world is right now!  

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